If you are experiencing an issue with your PC such as a software error, a memory problem or performance issue then we can help. To get these types of problems solved by a dealer means dismantling the equipment and transporting it to their store. You then have to wait for a call when it is available to again travel to the store to pick it up. Our service involves us traveling to your home to look at the issue and solve it without any of this disruption. Our costs are very competitive meaning not only do you make a saving on transport costs but also on getting the problem(s) resolved.

We just charge a flat hourly rate from the time we arrive at your home. If the fault is fixed after the first hour, the additional charge is pro rata.

We can help you with any issues you are facing with your computer such as virus removal, slow response times, boot issues etc. Or we can assist you in choosing a new PC and setting it up. We do not operate any call out fee and if for any reason we can't fix the problem there is no charge. If you have any computer related problem you need assistance with, give us a call.