Cloud Backup

The most important thing you can do as a computer owner is to consistently and reliably back up the data stored on your hard drive. You've spent huge amounts of money on software and digital music and video, and countless hours authoring documents and organizing your digital files. If you don't regularly backup this information, a serious computer problem could leave you with nothing but a huge feeling of regret. The best solution these days is to move to Cloud Computing and back up to the cloud.

The term cloud means a remote storage location for your data that is accessed across the internet. This solution has a number of advantages. It means all of the backed up data is stored offline away from the building(s) where you run your computer(s) so it is safe in case of a fire. It also means you can access your data anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection. Whether you are a home user or small business with multiple computers, here are some of the advantages of the cloud solution that TWComputerServices provide.

You have access to your data in any location. The back up is fully automated and works in the background. There is complete data security as all the data is stored encrypted. There is a free app for smart phones and tablets so you can back up multiple devices. You can share your files with family and friends. It means all of your data is 100% secure.

We provide a unique combination of computer backup, file storage and file syncing. The Sync Folder option provides the ability for users to take their files on the go with them, and access their documents, music and videos from anywhere at any time. For free advice on what backup solution is best for you or any computer related problem you are experiencing, call Terry at TWComputerServices, proud member of the Twyford Village Partnership.